The Legacy of the Worldwide Church of God

What it was like growing up in a cult and its impact on my life and others like me.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Overcoming the fear of religious zealots

I havent quite gotten over my immediate adversion to pushy religious people. My in laws favorite past time is to harrass me about going to church. I wonder why some people feel it is their need to save me? And its almost not that they are concerned about me really. It seems more so that their pushiness stems from wanting to make themselves feel better. Or make themselves look like the more worthy person.

After being raised in a destructive religious organization, Ive found its hard to trust anyone telling me what I need to do to be religiously acceptable. Who gives another person that right? Wouldnt it be so much better if people just put action into their hearts and give of themseleves to others instead of spewing the need to convert and control them. I guess I should consider myself blessed that I dont live in a country that controls our religious beliefs through violence and war but isnt the need for some organizations to control our minds and our wallets just another rung on that ladder? I wish I could get over the feeling of distrusting people that get on a soapbox about pushing their religion on me but I cant. Theres just something scary about it.


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