The Legacy of the Worldwide Church of God

What it was like growing up in a cult and its impact on my life and others like me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Random thoughts on life post-cult

Ive been thinking about how happy and at peace with life Ive been feeling lately. Im comfortable with the person I am now and wouldnt trade my current life for anyone elses lifestyle. Im not happy that most of my life revolved around a religion that was created by an advertising guru for his own personal gain but that is part of who I am and what Ive become.

I believe in God, a creator. I thank him for my blessed life. But I do not practice a religion mainly because I believe they are man-made. I do know that as humans there are things that are wrong. Envy, hate, prejudice, murder, greed, lies, selfishness, deception, are rampant in our world. But there is also good. Love, compassion, caring, comforting, giving, selflessness.

The religion I was taught by the Worldwide Church of God was prejudiced against others. Although there was some caring and compassion amoung the general members at times, there was not much from the leadership. In fact the leadership expected us to seperate ourselves from and shun non believers. We were to hate the worldliness of others outside our religion. When the church talked of "the end times" they often talked of how we should not look back like Lots wife. We should selfishly leave others behind because God would destroy them for being non-believers. The general membership of the Worldwide Church of God often struggled to survive financially while the leadership prospered generously. We were often told that the lavishness of the leadership was how they opened doors to leaders worldwide. That they had to represent God in grand form if they were to preach the gospel to others.

I may not have a religion scince I left my cult behind but I feel comforted to know I am not taking advantage of others. I dont hate others that are diffent than myself. I will not take anything that I havent earned myself. I try to be compassionate to all people and give something back to my community. I have left behind the shame and guilt that a cult instilled in my beliefs. I realize that anyone can call themselves christian like and godly but not many actually act for the betterment of others. I no longer believe any man-made religion can assure me of anything. I am at peace with that.


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