The Legacy of the Worldwide Church of God

What it was like growing up in a cult and its impact on my life and others like me.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Have we sold out God for religion?

As a child I was raised in what I deem to be a bad spiritual organization. (The Worldwide Church of God.)It was basically the only religion I have practiced and it has taken me many years to deal with the fall-out of the experience. Part of my dealing with being taken advantage of in the name of religion is studying everything I could get my hands on concerning religion and its origins. I was obsessed with finding out what religion, if any, was the right religion. The end result is that I havent found one. I often wonder if as humans, we have sold out God for religion.

Ive watched some interesting shows on the National Geographic channel concerning evolution and missing links. I still have a problem with evolution. It seems we are much too complex not to have been created by a God. But for practicalitys sake evolution of man seems plausible. But why was the practice of religion even first started? I can imagine some of the first men, without the knowledge that we have today being utterly terrified of natural disasters, animals, and other men as predators. Could their fears and the rituals that they began to perform to comfort and protect themselves be what originally started the "wheel" rolling on modern religion? Was it the fear of the unknown that created gods and demons and these rituals that we practice today?

It seems apparent much of religion first revolved around gods of nature and things that made early man prosper. But as man grew in knowledge religion became more complex. Controlling mans actions and setting up laws to govern became important. Managing the masses. And every group of people worldwide have developed their own traditions and religions to this day. But in our complexity we have become defenders of the religions at a cost to those that are different than us. Are we still that early man struggling with rituals of the unknown even though we have the intelligience to know what prejudice is and that hurting others is wrong? Are we so steeped into the practice of our religions and defending them against others we cant see that if we believe there is a God that he created us all? Not just a select few? Have we sold out God in honor of our religious tradition? I know my religious tradition was harmful and I no longer support it. I cant say that any religion is right or any religion is wrong. But I do wonder why God would go through the trouble of creating all of us to hate and murder each other. Or maybe we are the ones doing the name of our religions.


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