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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Worldwide Church View of the Pope

Scince the passing of Pope John Paul, I was thinking about all the crap the Worldwide Church of God use to preach about the Pope and his part in the supposed coming apocolypse. The Church practiced British Israelism. Meaning they thought they were descendants of the two lost tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh and therefore the chosen of God in modern day America and Britain. If the apocolypse were to come, the WWCG had to find an antichrist that opposed America and Britain. The speculation was rampant. The WWCG believed that a United Europe would be what triggered the end of time. The next Holy Roman Empire to destroy the world. But who would unite Europe and usher in the apocolypse? The Pope? I sat through many sermons as kid based on just this exact speculation. I remember when the first John Paul died so quickly. I was just a kid but the church was all excited and speculating that he died so quickly because the next pope was really the one who was going to start the apocolypse. How sick!!!I bet all the remnants of the WWCG are in a tizzy about who the next pope is going to be right now.

Why did the WWCG cling to Europe as the next Holy Roman Empire? What could be scarier to the congregation? Another Holocaust where Gods chosen are persecuted? How many times did the pastors mention how threatening a United Europe would be to the United States? They wanted us to fear. They wanted us to associate the Holocaust with the apocolypse. They wanted us to tremble in fear and speculation so that we would follow them without question in order to earn salvation and safety from the coming end times. They wanted to control us so that we would be more than willing to reach in our pockets to support the WWCG.

Being a leader means caring about the people you are leading. To the point of sacrifice to your self. The leadership of WWCG cared about self. Their selves. When it came to the suffering of its congregation there was no compassion. There is hope and joy for life but its hard to find it in the WWCG and its many offshoots.


  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger Sabbatismus said…

    The splinter groups of the WWCG are only there to purge the purses of the former members of the WWCG after destroying their souls. Such false teachers and false ministers will know the meaning of the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, when he said he would send the wicked into everlasting punishment. And it won't be annihilation either.

  • At 3:54 PM, Blogger Felix Taylor, Jr. said…

    In this case Sabbatismus, I hope you are exactly right. Armstrongism is one of the most vile and wickedest religions to exist on this planet and it is our duty to eradicate this cancer of evil that has damage lives and possibly souls as well.


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