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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What can we do about abusive spiritual groups?

I just recently corresponded with a woman I met who is a former member of Jehovahs Witnesses. She told me that there was a march on Washington this past week by her group of former members as well as ex-members of other abusive groups to raise awareness of the damage some of these organizations have on people. She says they go to Washington DC every year. Darn. I wish I had known!

There is much help over the web. The group I belonged to was obscure but Ive been able to join in with some former members to find comfort and support. But upon searching my local area Ive been unable to find any help groups or even for that matter anyone in any profession that understands how real and harmful being in some of these spiritual abusive groups can be. Surely there is a need? Sometimes I feel this all comes down to that fine line of freedom of speech and the people who take advantage of others in the name of religion. No one wants to trample on or edge their toe over that line. Is it taking a tiger by the tail to want some type of regulation of these groups? If we are trampling on free speech and stepping on the rights of individuals as promised in the constitution by regulating these groups than what else can we do? How can we better the lives of those damaged by these groups and what can we do to make sure this doesnt happen to others? I guess we just have to exercise that freedom of speech for now. I wish there was more. I hope someone hears me.


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