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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

People raised with no religion

Sometimes I get pre-occupied comparing people I know. Some are avid Christian church goers. Some like myself, were raised in cults or non-Christian sects. Some were raised with no religion at all. What makes the difference between a person with good values and a person with bad values? Does religion play that strong a factor in making us who we are or are we capable of knowing what is good and bad without that influence?

I recently attended the wedding of a good friends daughter. I have watched this young girl grow from a child into a 21 year old adult. Her family did not go to church. I guess you could call them passive Christians. If it came down to it maybe they would label themselves Baptists but they really didnt practice any religion whatsoever and didnt own a bible. The children never had any bible instruction. I marvel at what a geniune, sincere, respectful adult she has become. Giving and caring. Hardworking. I cant imagine her ever causing harm to another. I know her parents have loved her fiercly and stood by her through out her growing years with encouragement and family support.

My grandparents were devout Christians. Non-drinking. Regulars in their church which they attended twice a week. They constantly volunteered and helped others in need. My grandfather read the bible everyday. They were good people. They would never harm another. It always bothered me that the Worldwide Church of God preached that people like my grandparents would suffer in the tribulation for celebrating pagan holidays. I knew my grandparents were good people. They didnt deserve to suffer.

My friends daughter and my grandparents had different beliefs and yet they, in my opinion, are good decent people. They arent murderers, liars, cheaters, haters, or any other horrible things. They're just people. I was raised totally differently. I was raised to believe that anyone that didnt belong to the Worldwide Church of God was a gentile or unholy and unworthy of being one of Gods chosen people. And if you werent qualified to be a member of Gods chosen church you would suffer as non-believers should. The WWCG believed I shouldnt associate with people like my friends daughter or my grandparents because they are not Gods people. This in itself is a tragedy.

I no longer belong to the Worldwide Church of God.

I believe there is a God and he created ALL of us for a some yet unexplained reason. The capacity for good and bad is there for all of us. I think when we are surrounded by genuine, unconditional love we thrive better than when surrounded by hate and discontent. Maybe it is the teacher that is the key. Are the people that are teaching us morals doing it for the good of the student or to serve themselves? My life was in despair until I came to the realization that the things I learned were taught to me by people who didnt have my best interests in mind. They twisted religion to suit themselves. I think I am a much better person now that I have left that religion behind. Now I can find good in all different kinds of people and try to encourage others to find it too. Anyone can do that. With or without religion.


  • At 7:32 AM, Blogger Felix Taylor, Jr. said…

    As the saying goes, we need less religion and more God! I, of course will drink to that!


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