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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Am I a bitter ex-church member?

Ive noticed that alot of ex members that speak out about their experiences with The Worldwide Church of God are often labled bitter and angry. You will see a lot of posts on the web from people saying "Get over it." Ive wondered if people would view me as bitter and angry? That is not how I feel. If I were to describe how I feel it would have to be the happiest Ive been in my lifetime. I am finally content with my life and I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and inner joy.

I think why we are labled bitter and angry sometimes is because we speak out. Sometimes quite loudly because we dont want others to hurt they way that we have been hurt. One of my dear friends that I went to church with had a little sister that committed suicide. That has haunted me. She was only in her early teens. I cant get her picture as a child out of my head because she was so sweet and innocent. Why did she feel she didnt have hope to live? How would her life have been different if she hadnt been raised in the church? Would she still be here?

If we believe in God and we believe he made us in his image, than wouldnt God feel the love and compassion we feel too for all people? Why didnt the church have more compassion? There is an arrogance there that I dont understand. Why cant the WWCG and its offshoots move mountains to show some compassion? Wouldnt that be Gods work?

The WWCG and its offshoots are destroying lives and families and I think thats something to be angry and bitter about. As a person, I am able to move on. I am able to be content and happy. But I am also able to speak out and hope that through speaking out maybe someone else wont commit suicide, or lose their families. If that lables me as being bitter and angry. So be it.


  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger Felix Taylor, Jr. said…

    Give 'em hell honey. Those bastards who cry "bitter" and "get over it" are the sorriest manipulative bastards ever. You go girl!


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